Our Company

Parent company Strama AG|SA:


Ringstrasse 5
CH-2560 Nidau

Production of mechanical parts by long turning / turning / milling
24 Employees

Daughter company of Strama AG:


Luxemburgerstrasse 65a
D-66663 Merzig-Schwemlingen

Production of mechanical parts by turning
13 Employees


Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture parts for our customers according to their specifications and needs.


Our values

We are a family business that values its employees and suppliers. Thanks to their support, commitment and technical expertise, we can meet the needs of our customers.


Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain our position as an important supplier for our customers by continuously improving our know-how to meet the increased demands. We want to build a long-term partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Our history

Good, Matter&Cie

In 1946 Mr. Matter founded the company under the name of Good, Matter & Cie.


In 1948, after working together with Mr Straumann, the company name will be Straumann Matter. As a general mechanical engineering company, the activities of the Mainly are: - Manufacture of tools for leather and footwear; - Supplier of turned parts.

New activity

In 1962, the company moved to its present premises, where it managed the a new activity: - Mechanical engineering, grinding and cutting machines for hard steel tools from until 1990.

Strama AG

In 1981 the company name was changed to Strama AG. It is also the year of the introduction of the first CNC-lathes. CNC. After 2 extensions in the years 1981 and 1986 the company Purchased by the Hirzel family in 1989.


A new activity was introduced in 1990: - Supplier of parts manufactured by milling.

Hima Mechanical Engineering GmbH

1991, after the foundation of our company Hima Maschinenbau GmbH in Merzig, Germany, has started a new activity: - Supplier of turned parts.

Buyback of the company

In 2011, the company will be taken over by Meyco Holding AG and Grüter Holding AG.


Our Team

Our specialities


Thanks to our quality, deadlines and prices, the European market accounts for about 45 to 55 % of our production.

Abruh orders

You can place an annual blanket order with us, which we deliver in batches on demand. In this way we can guarantee you extremely short delivery times and a price advantage.

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Strama AG
Ringstrasse 5
2560 Nidau

Tel.: +41 (0)32 332 84 11
Fax: +41 (0)32 331 84 59